Research Network for Metals in Medicine



The Metals in Medicine Network is rapidly growing and there currently well over 120 research groups throughout Australia involved in Network activities, exploring a vast array of research topics but linked together with common interests. Details of each member's contact details, research expertise, collaborators and facilities will be posted as they become available.







Dr Janice Aldrich-Wright A/Prof. Leigh Ackland Dr Greg Anderson A/Prof. Grant Collins Prof. Stephen Lincoln A/Prof. Erica Baker
A/Prof. Robert Armstrong Prof. Alan Baker A/Prof. Trevor Appleton Dr Nick Dixon A/Prof. Kevin Wainwright A/Prof Murray Baker
Dr Philip Beale A/Prof. Graham Baldwin A/Prof. Paul Bernhardt Prof. Chris Easton Prof. Sue Berners-Price
A/Prof James Beattie Dr Kevin Barnham Dr Steve Bottle Prof. Elmars Krausz Dr Kerry Carson
A/Prof Michael Boyer Dr Stephen Best Prof. Ian Brereton Prof. Gottfried Otting A/Prof. Traian Chirila
Dr Bill Burch Dr John Boas Prof. Ken Collerson Dr Geoff Salem Dr Peta Clode
Dr Ricardo Cavicchioli Prof. Alan Bond Dr Murray Davies Prof. Rob Stranger Prof. David Day
A/Prof Stephen Clarke A/Prof. James Camakaris Prof. John DeJersey Dr Luis Filgueira
Dr Rachel Codd A/Prof. Chris Cobbett Dr James DeVoss Dr Linda Harris
Dr Mary Collins Dr Maddalena Cross Prof. David Fairlie Dr Alasdair Lee
Dr Mike Davies Dr Carleen Cullinane A/Prof. Lawrence Gahan Dr Nat Lenzo
Dr Carolyn Dillon Prof. Glenn Deacon Dr Elizabeth Gillam A/Prof. David Macey
Dr Ronald Fenton Dr Paul Gooley Prof. Peter Gresshoff Prof. Ralph Martins
Dr Garry Foran Dr Sharon La Fontaine Dr Ben Hankamer Dr Laurence Morandeau
E/Prof. Hans Freeman Prof. Rob Lewis Prof. Graeme Hanson Dr Phil Oates
Dr Richard Garrett Dr Lisa Martin A/Prof. Peter Healy Prof. John Olynyk
Dr Mitchell Guss Dr Albert Mau A/Prof. Michael Jennings Prof. Gordon Parkinson
Prof. Trevor Hambley A/Prof. David McFadyen Dr Ulrike Kappler A/Prof. Tim St.Pierre
Dr Anne Hamilton Prof. Julian Mercer Prof. F Richard Keene Dr Richard Stern
A/Prof. Margaret Harding Dr Boujemaa Moubaraki Prof. Alastair McEwan Dr Debbie Trinder
Dr Hugh Harris Dr Terry Mulhern Dr Paul Meredith A/Prof. Harvey Turner
Dr Brian Hawkett Prof. Keith Murray Dr Anthony Mitchell Prof. John Webb
Dr Phil Hendry A/Prof. Elizabeth Snow A/Prof. Jack Ng A/Prof. Matthew Wilce
Dr Fazlul Huq Dr Leone Spiccia Dr Chris Noble A/Prof. George Yeoh
Dr Andrew Katsifis Prof. Tony Wedd Dr Justin Ridge
A/Prof. Brendan Kennedy Dr Ross Woods Dr Mark Riley
Dr Cameron Kepert A/Prof. Charles Young Dr Gary Schenk
Prof. Peter Lay A/Prof. Lindsay Sly
Prof. Leonard Lindoy Dr Michael Williams
Dr Megan Maher A/Prof. David Young
Prof. Thomas Maschmeyer
A/Prof. Tony Masters
Dr Nabil Morcos
Dr Stephen Ralph
Dr Louis Rendina
Prof. Des Richardson
Dr Suzanne Smith
Prof. Roland Stocker
Dr Paul Witting