Research Network for Metals in Medicine



Dr Matthew Wilce

Position: Senior Lecturer, Department of Pharmacology

Affiliation: University of Western Australia, Department of Pharmacology

Postal Address:
M-Block, Department of Pharmacology
Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre
University of Western Australia
Nedlands, Perth 6907

Phone: +61 (08) 9346 2506

Research Profile

Biophysical studies of protein-oligonucleotide interactions

  • The Replication Terminator Protein of Bacillus subtilis
  • Protein-RNA interactions

Structural and functional characterization of toxins

  • Studies of local snake venoms
  • Studies of box jellyfish venoms

ATP Synthase

  • Structure determination of sub-complexes of ATP from E. coli
  • Structural Studies of ATPase sub-complexes from other species
  • Disulphide Cross-linking of the complex ATP synthase complex

Protein Engineering: Dehalogenases

  • linB dehalogenase structure in complex with kinetically characterised inhibitors and substrates
  • Structure determination of designed dehalogenase mutants


  • Structure determination of the DNAB/DNAC complex

Selected Publications

  1. R.J. Cohen, J.E. McNeal, S.L. Redmond, K. Meehan, R. Thomas, M.C.J. Wilce, and H.J.S. Dawkins, 'Luminal contents of benign and malignant prostatic glands: correspondence to altered secretory mechanisms', Human Pathology, 31(1) (2000) 94-100.
  2. A.O. Oakley and M.C.J. Wilce, ‘Protein crystallography as a tool for investigating drug, enzyme and receptor interactions’, Clinical and experimental pharmacology and physiology, 27(3) (2000) 145-151.
  3. A.J.W. Rodgers and M.C.J. Wilce, 'Structure of the g/e complex of ATP Synthase: the camshaft in the rotary motor of life', Nature Structural Biology,7(11) (2000)1051-1054. (This article was reviewed in the News & Views section of the same volume of Nature Structural Biology in tandem with the Nobel Laureate, John Walker, long awaited article in the same volume – R.H. Fillingame ‘Bottom of F1-ATPase Revealed in Atomic Resolution Detail’, Nature Structural Biology, 7(11) (2000) 1002-1004).
  4. J.A. Wilce, J.P.Vivian, A.F. Hastings, G. Otting, R.H.A. Folmer, I.G. Duggin, R.G. Wake and M.C.J. Wilce, 'Structure of the RTP/DNA complex and the mechanism of polar replication fork arrest' Nature Structural Biology, 8(3) (2001) 206–210.
  5. J.P.Vivian, J.A. Wilce and M.C.J. Wilce, 'Crystallization of the B. subtilis RTP/DNA complex prepared using NMR spectroscopy', Acta Crystallogr. D57 (2001) 421-424.
  6. A.J.W. Rodgers, G.D. Ewart, G.B. Cox and M.C.J. Wilce, 'Crystallization and preliminary X-ray analysis of a complex of the e-subunit and the central domain of the g-subunit from the E. coli ATP Synthase', Acta Crystallogr. D57 (2001) 722-724.
  7. C.S. Bond, R.E. Blankenship, H.C. Freeman, J.M. Guss, M.J. Maher, F.M. Selvaraj, M.C.J. Wilce and K.M.Willingham, ‘Crystal Structure of Auracyanin a 'Blue' Copper Protein from the Green Thermophilic Photosynthetic Bacterium Chloroflexus aurantiacus’, J. Mol. Biol, 306(1) (2001) 47-67.