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Professor John Webb

OAM, BSc Syd., PhD (Cal.Tech)., DipEd (Murd)

Position: Professor, Chemistry

Affiliation: Murdoch University, Department of Chemistry

Phone: +61(08) 9360 2148

Research Profile

Professor Webb is a leading figure in studies of the structure,organization and functions of biominerals in diverse biological systems. From the seminal monograph, co-edited with Professor Bob Williams of Oxford and professor Steve Mann ( now of Bristol), his research group has contributed a series of detailed studies of mineralizing systems and of biomimetic composite material incorporating nanoscale iron oxide particles.More recently, he has initiated innovative collaborations involving radiochemical engineering, involving both reactor and cyclotron produced materials.

Selected Publications

  1. Brooker, L.R., Lee, A. P., Macey, D. J., van Bronswijk, W. and Webb, J. Multiple front iron mineralization in chiton teeth ( Mollusca: Polyplacophora). Marine Biology, 142, 447-454 (2003).
  2. Lee, AP, Brooker LR, Macey, DJ, Webb, J, van Bronswijk, W. A new biomineral identified in the cores of teeth from the chiton Plaxiphora albida. Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry 8 256-262 (2003)
  3. Lee, AP, Brooker, LR, van Bronswijk, W, Macey, DJ and Webb, J Contribution of Raman spectroscopy to the identification of biominerals present in the teeth of Acanthopleura rehderi, Acanthopleura curtisiana and Onithochiton quercinus. Biopolymers (Biospectroscopy) 72 299-301 (2003).
  4. Loussouarn, A., Ouadi, A., Morandeau, L., Remaud, P., Giles, R., Gestin, J.-F. and Webb, J. Synthesis of new semi-rigid chelating agents for samarium-153 Tetrahedron Letters 44, 3539-3542 (2003)
  5. Arakaki, A., Webb, J. and Matsunaga, T. A novel protein tightly bound to bacterial magnetic particles in Magnetospirillum magneticum strain AMB-1. J. Biological Chemistry, in press (2003)
  6. Chua-anusorn, W., Mun, H.-R., Webb, J., Gorham, N.T. and St. Pierre, S.T. Effect of precipitation temperature and number of iron atoms per molecule on structure of hydrated iron(III) oxyhydroxide ferritin cores synthesised in vitro. Hyperfine Interactionsc.(2003)
  7. Liddiard, KJ, Hockridge, J, Macey, DJ, Webb, J and van Bronswijk, W. Mineralization in the teeth of the limpets Patella laticostata and Scutellastra alticostata (Mollusca : Patellogastropoda). Molluscan Research (in press)
  8. Sipos, P., Berkesi, O., Tombacz, E., St. Pierre, T.G. and Webb, J. Formation of spherical iron(III) oxyhydroxides nanoparticles sterically stabilized by chitosan in aqueous solutions. J. Inorg. Biochemistry (in press).
  9. Ruf, A.A., Jerwood, D., Webb, J. and Anderson,D. Sensitivity of different thalassemia genotypes to food mutagens in the Comet assay. Teratogenesis, Carcinogenesis and Mutagenesis Supplement 2, 1-9 (2003)
  10. Ruf, A.A., Webb, J. and Anderson,D. Modulation by flavonoids of the effects of a food mutagen in different thalassemia genotypes in the Comet assay. Teratogenesis, Carcinogenesis and Mutagenesis Supplement 2, 83-92. (2003)


Mossbauer spectroscopic facilities, electron microscopy, vibrational spectroscopy ( Raman and IR).

International Linkages

Collaboration with INSERM Nantes, France in radiochemistry