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Professor Robert Stranger

BSc(Hons), PhD(Tas), DipEd

Position: Professor, Chemistry

Affiliation: The Australian National University, Department of Chemistry

Postal Address:
Department of Chemistry
The Faculties
Australian National University
Canberra ACT 0200

Phone: +61 (02) 6125 2934

Research Profile

The applicant’s contributions have mainly been in the field of physical inorganic chemistry and computational quantum chemistry dealing with the electronic structure, bonding and spectroscopy of transition metal complexes, particularly bimetallic systems exhibiting magnetic interactions or metal-metal bonding. Contributions include:

  • developing a theoretical model to successfully assign the extremely complex electronic spectra of the classic metal-metal bonded Mo2X93- (X = Cl, Br) dimer system, a spectroscopic problem that had existed for over 20 years.
  • developing a covalency-modified ligand-field model for predicting the electronic spectra of transition metal complexes involving strongly covalent metal-ligand bonds.
  • pioneering the use of DFT methods combined with the broken-symmetry approach, to calculate the structures and properties of a wide variety of polynuclear metal complexes.
  • showing that the broken-symmetry/DFT methodology provides a reliable and conceptually appealing framework in which to investigate metal-metal interactions ranging from weak antiferromagnetic coupling through to strong metal-metal bonding.
  • undertaking a systematic study of periodic trends in metal-metal bonding in dinuclear systems which revealed surprisingly simple but important trends and allowed quantification of the electronic factors affecting metal-metal bonding.
  • establishing the connection between high-spin/low-spin crossover and metal-metal bond formation in d4d4 and d5d5 dinuclear systems.
  • establishing the connection between the novel ferromagnetic crossed-exchange mechanism and high-spin/low-spin crossover in mixed-valence manganese and iron dinuclear complexes.
  • showing that in heteronuclear bimetallic systems, it is possible, through judicious choice of the metal ions, to tune the magnetic properties over a large range of interactions from strongly antiferromanetic through to strong ferromagnetic coupling.
  • applying broken-symmetry/DFT methods to investigate the structures and magnetic properties of polynuclear manganese complexes which model the metal sites of a number of important biological oxomanganese systems.
  • using broken-symmetry/DFT methods to study the mechanism of dioxygen elimination and cleavage in oxomanganese complexes which model the oxygen-evolving centre of Photosystem II.
  • using DFT to investigate the energetics and mechanisms of small molecule (N2, NO and CO) activation and cleavage in sterically-hindered three-coordinate transition metal complexes.

Selected Publications

  1. Butler, S.E., Smith, P.W., STRANGER, R and Grey, I.E. Halogen Ordering in Cs3Cr2Cl6Br3: a Spectroscopic Study. Inorganic Chemistry, 25, 4375-4378, 1986.
  2. Smith, P.W. and STRANGER, R. Vibrational Spectra of Salts of Type A3[Mo2X9], with X=Cl,Br,I. Australian Journal of Chemistry, 39, 1269-1280, 1986.
  3. Grey, I.E., Madsen, I.C., Butler, S.E., Smith, P.W. and STRANGER, R. Halogen Ordering in Tricesium Tribromohexachlorodichromate. Acta Crystallographica, C42, 769-771, 1986.
  4. Dubicki, L., Krausz, E.R., STRANGER, R., Smith, P.W. and Tanabe, Y. Electronic Spectrum of Cs3Mo2Cl9. Inorganic Chemistry, 26, 2247-2254, 1987.
  5. STRANGER, R., Grey, I.E., Madsen, I.C. and Smith, P.W. Structure Systematics in A3Mo2X9, X=Cl,Br,I, from Rietveld Refinement of X-ray Powder Data. Journal of Solid State Chemistry, 69, 162-170, 1987.
  6. Hitchman, M.A., Lichon, M., McDonald, R.G., Smith, P.W., STRANGER, R., Skelton, B.W. and White, A.H. Crystal and Molecular Structure of CrSO4.5H2O and Single Crystal Electronic Spectra and Bonding of CrSO4.5H2O, CuSO4.5H2O and CuSO4.5D2O. Journal of the Chemical Society, Dalton Transactions, 1817-1822, 1987.
  7. Hitchman, M.A., McDonald, R.G., Smith, P.W. and STRANGER, R. Electronic Spectrum and Metal-Ligand Bonding Parameters of the V(H2O)63+ Ion. Journal of the Chemical Society, Dalton Transactions, 1393-1395, 1988.
  8. STRANGER, R., Sirat, K., Smith, P.W., Grey, I.E. and Madsen, I.C. Structure, Vibrational and Electronic Spectra, and Bonding in Trans-Diaquabis(oxalato)Vanadate(III) Complex Salts, A[V(C2O4)2(H2O)2].xH2O, A=Cs,K,MeNH3. Journal of the Chemical Society, Dalton Transactions, 2245-2253, 1988.
  9. STRANGER, R., Smith, P.W. and Grey, I.E. Magneto-Structural Correlations and Metal-Metal Bonding in Exchange-Coupled A3Mo2X9 (X=Cl,Br,I) Complexes. Inorganic Chemistry, 28, 1271-1278, 1989.
  10. STRANGER, R. On the Assignment of Doubly-Excited Pair Transitions in the Electronic Spectrum of Cs3Mo2Cl9. Chemical Physics Letters, 157, 472-478, 1989.
  11. STRANGER, R., Moran, G., Krausz, E., Güdel, H. and Furer, N. Octahedral Monomeric Mo(III): A Magneto-optical Study of Mo3+ Doped in Cs2NaYCl6.Molecular Physics, 69, 11-31, 1990.
  12. STRANGER, R. Role of the Trigonal t2e2-nen Single-Ion Configuration in d3d3 Metal-Metal m Bonded Dimers. Inorganic Chemistry, 29, 5231-5237, 1990.
  13. McDonald, R.G., STRANGER, R. Hitchman, M.A. and Smith, P.W. Unusual Features in the Polarised Single Crystal Electronic Spectrum of (NH4)2[V(H2O)6](SO4)2: Analysis of Fano Antiresonance Structure and Bonding in the V(H2O)62+ Complex. Chemical Physics, 154, 179-192, 1991.
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  • 12 dual CPU Pentium IV computers (1.7 – 3.0 GHz).
  • Access to ANU Supercomputing facilities.
  • Licenses to run relevant software such as Gaussian and ADF.

International Linkages

Dr T. Lovell (The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, USA)
Dr J.E. McGrady (University of York, United Kingdom)
Prof. K. Morokuma (Emory University, Atlanta, USA)
Prof. W.H. Armstrong (Department of Chemistry, Boston College, USA)