Research Network for Metals in Medicine



Professor Gordon Parkinson

Position: Director, Nanochemistry Research Institute

Affiliation: Curtin University of Technology

Postal Address:
Nanochemistry Research Institute
Curtin University of Technology
GPO Box U1987
Perth 6845 Western Australia

Phone: +61 (08) 9266 3838

Research Profile

The core areas of expertise (of Parkinson and colleagues within the NRI) are: crystallization, in particular control of processes at the nano-level that determine size, morphology, polymorph, nanostructure, etc.; mineral processing and biomineralisation; computational chemistry, molecular modelling and computational fluid dynamics; nanocharacterization, in particular the use of in situ scanning probe microscopy; the synthesis and application of nanoporous structures and catalysts; synthetic and supramolecular chemistry; surface science; precipitation of iron in mineral processing and medicine.

Selected Publications

  1. S.J. Freij, G.M. Parkinson and M.M. Reyhani J. Cryst. Growth 260, 232-242 (2004) “Direct observation of the growth of gibbsite crystals by atomic force microscopy”
  2. F. Jones, M.I. Ogden, A. Olliveira, G.M. Parkinson and W.R. Richmond Cryst. Eng. Comm.5(30),159-163 (2003) “The effect of phosphonate-based growth modifiers on the morphology of hematite nanoparticles formed via acid hydrolysis of ferric chloride solutions”
  3. M. Loan, T.G. St Pierre, G.M. Parkinson, O.G.M. Newman and J.B. Farrow Journal of Metals 40-43 (2002) “Identifying Nanoscale Ferrihydrite in Hydrometallurgical Residues”
  4. A.M. Fogg, A.J. Freij, A.L. Rohl, M.I. Ogden and G.M. Parkinson J. Phys. Chem. B 106, 5820-5826 (2002) “Toward a Fundamental Understanding of Molecular Recognition: A Synthetic and Computational Study of Morphological Control of Ca3Al2(OH)12
  5. Fleming, S., Rohl, A. L. and Parkinson, G.M. (2000). Atomistic Modelling of Gibbsite: Surface Structure and Morphology J. Cryst. Growth 209, 159-166.
  6. Gale, J.D., Rohl, A.L., Watling, H.R. and Parkinson, G.M. (1999) Theoretical investigations of the nature of aluminium-containing species present in alkaline solution J. Phys. Chem. B102 10372
  7. Fogg, A., Rohl, A.L., Parkinson, G.M. and O'Hare, D. (1999) Predicting Guest Orientations in Layered Double Hydroxide Intercalates Chem. Mater. 11, 1194
  8. Rossiter, D.S., Fawell, P.D., Ilievski, D. & Parkinson, G.M. (1998) Investigation of the unseeded nucleation of gibbsite, Al(OH)3, from synthetic Bayer liquors J. Cryst. Growth 191 525-536.
  9. Parkinson, G.M (1998) Crystal-macromolecule interactions in urolithiasis: lessons from healthy biomineralization systems Current Opinion in Urology 8:301-308.
  10. Rossiter, D.S., Ilievski, D., Smith, P.G. & Parkinson, G.M. (1996) The mechanism of sodium gluconate poisoning of gibbsite precipitation Trans I ChemE 74(A), 828.
  11. Benton, W.J., Collins I.R., Cooper, S.D., Grimsey, I.M., Parkinson, G.M. and Rodger, S.A. (1993) The nucleation, growth and inhibition of barium sulphate - controlled modification with organic and inorganic additives Faraday Discussion No 95, 281
  12. Ramdas, S., Parkinson, G.M., Thomas, J.M., Grammacioli, C.M., Filipini, G., Simonetta, M. and Goringe, M. (1980) Determination of the crystal structure of metastable anthracene by a novel method Nature 284, 153


  • Scanning Probe Microscopy Facility (3 AFMs, 1 STMs) in situ cells; force measurement; electrochemical capabilities; TEM, SEM, XRD, SAXS
  • Computational Molecular Modelling (6 Silicon Graphics Work Stations; 2 Beowulf Parallel Processors; Software: ab initio QM; forcefield; molecular dynamics; GULP, MARVIN, SIESTA, GDIS)
  • Supramolecular chemistry synthesis

International Linkages

  • Professor Richard Catlow
    Wolfson Professor of Natural Philosophy
    Director, Davy Faraday Laboratory
  • Dr Jim de Yoreo
    Head, Biosecurity and Nanosciences Laboratory
    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  • Professor Kieran Hodnett
    Director, Materials and Surface Science Institute
    University of Limerick