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Dr Nabil Morcos

Position: Research and Development Leader

Affiliation: ANSTO radiopharmaceuticals

Postal Address:
ANSTO radiopharmaceuticals and industrials
Menai NSW 2234

Phone: +61 (02) 9717 9242
Fax: +61 (02) 9543 6588

Research Profile

Nabil Morcos is a Senior Specialist in the Radiopharmaceuticals Division at ANSTO.  Following several stints at Brookhaven National Laboratory (U.S.A.) in the Chemistry and Radioactive Waste Management Divisions in support of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission with respect to waste form characterization and performance, he spent a total of twelve years in the Radiopharmaceutical research industry where he developed several products and patents including the Squibb Tc-99m generator.  He also spent the last ten years before joining ANSTO working for the U.S. DOE at INEEL and Hanford working on the Plutonium Production Legacy Waste as a radiochemistry and safety advisor to the DOE.