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Associate Professor David McFadyen

Position: Associate Professor

Affiliation: School of Chemistry, University of Melbourne

Postal Address:
School of Chemistry
University of Melbourne 3010


Research Profile

Associate Professor Mc Fadyen has a background in the development of small molecules designed to interact with DNA particularly related to their use as antitumour agents. His skills span synthetic chemistry involving both the synthesis of organic systems and metal complexes as well as experience of a variety of techniques used in the measurement of ligand DNA interaction. His recent work has included the development of photoactivated cytotoxins as well as studies on DNA targeted platinum-based antitumour agents. In addition, he is involved in a collaboration with Associate Professor Richard O'Hair (The University of Melbourne) in which ESI-MS has been utilised to study the gas phase chemistry of metal complexes and the interaction of metal complexes with biomolecules. As well as his teaching and research activities McFadyen has been the Director of First Year Studies in the School of Chemistry since 1998. He has gained support from the chemical industry (1996-1997, $16,500) to promote the discipline of Chemistry in secondary schools as well as from the Chemistry Education Association (1999-2002, $40,000) to support a Chemistry Transition Teaching Fellow. In collaboration with others he has also received funding for the development of computer-aide learning materials.

Associate Professor Mc Fadyen joined the School of Chemistry , University of Melbourne, in 1993, coming from the Chemistry and Physics Department of the then Melbourne College of Advanced Education. Since that time he has supervised 3 Ph.D. students (completed) and 12 B.Sc(Hons) students.

Selected Publications

  1. Wee, Sheena; White, Jonathan M.; McFadyen, W. David; O'Hair, Richard A. J. Gas-phase studies on the reactivity of the azido(diethylenetriamine)platinum(II) cation and derived species. Australian Journal of Chemistry (2003), 56(12), 1201-1207.
  2. Funston, Alison M.; Ghiggino, Kenneth P.; Grannas, Martin J.; McFadyen, W. David; Tregloan, Peter A. Synthesis, structural studies and photochemistry of cobalt(iii) complexes of anthracenylcyclam macrocycles. Dalton Transactions (2003), (19), 3704-3712
  3. Wee, Sheena; O'Hair, Richard A. J.; McFadyen, W. David. Side-chain radical losses from radical cations allows distinction of leucine and isoleucine residues in the isomeric peptides Gly-XXX-Arg. Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry (2002), 16(9), 884-890
  4. Temple, Mark D.; Recabarren, Patsy; McFadyen, W. David; Holmes, R. J.; Denny, W. A.; Murray, Vincent. The interaction of DNA-targeted 9-aminoacridine-4-carboxamide platinum complexes with DNA in intact human cells. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (2002), 1574(3), 223-230
  5. Funston, Alison M.; McFadyen, W. David; Tregloan, Peter A. A pulse radiolysis study of the rate of ligand dissociation from mixed ligand cobalt(II) complexes. Journal of the Chemical Society, Dalton Transactions (2002), (9), 2053-2060.
  6. Holmes, R. J.; McKeage, M. J.; Murray, V.; Denny, W. A.; McFadyen, W. D.. cis-Dichloroplatinum(II) complexes tethered to 9-aminoacridine-4-carboxamides: synthesis and action in resistant cell lines in vitro. Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry (2001), 85(2-3), 209-217.
  7. Styles, Michelle L.; O'Hair, Richard A. J.; McFadyen, W. David. Evaluating the role of the ligand in the fragmentation reactions of platinum(II) complexes of aliphatic dipeptides. Electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry of [Pt(L3)M]2+ and [Pt(L3)M - H]+ ions [L3 = (H3N)3, diethylenetriamine and terpyridine; M = gly-gly, ala-gly and gly-ala]. European Journal of Mass Spectrometry (2001), 7(1), 69-78.
  8. Perrin, Leah C.; Prenzler, Paul D.; Cullinane, Carleen; Phillips, Don R.; Denny, William A.; McFadyen, W. David. DNA targeted platinum complexes: synthesis, cytotoxicity and DNA interactions of cis-dichloroplatinum(II) complexes tethered to phenazine-1-carboxamides. Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry (2000), 81(1-2),
  9. Temple, Mark D.; McFadyen, W. David; Holmes, R. J.; Denny, W. A.; Murray, Vincent. Interaction of Cisplatin and DNA-Targeted 9-Aminoacridine Platinum Complexes with DNA. Biochemistry (2000), 39(18), 5593-5599.

International Linkages

Prof. William A. Denny, Director, Auckland Cancer Society Research Centre, Faculty of Medicine and Health Science, The University of Auckland.