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Associate Professor David Macey

Position: Associate Professor in Animal Physiology

Affiliation: School of Biological Sciences and Biotechnology, Murdoch University

Postal Address:
Murdoch University
South Street
Western Australia 6150

Phone: +61 (08) 9360 2363

Research Profile

Assoc Prof. DJ Macey has published extensively over the past 15 years on biological aspects of mineralization in a range of organisms, including lampreys, chitons and limpets together with the human pathology of iron overload diseases. As a physiologist and comparative anatomist, he has a wide range of experience in dealing with animal systems and the collection and maintenance of both invertebrate and vertebrate animals for such studies.

Assoc. Prof. Macey is the senior biologist in an interdisciplinary research group developed at Murdoch, UWA and Curtin for studies of the functional role of iron in mineralizing systems. He has extensive experience in the analysis of tissues, especially at the SEM and TEM level for the presence of biomineralization and coordinates the acquisition of all sample material for the group.

Selected Publications

  1. Lee, A.P. Macey, D.J. and Webb, J. (2001): Molluscan and other marine teeth. In: Encyclopaedia of Materials: Science and Technology. (Eds Cahn, R.W. and Calvert, P.D.) Elsevier Science Ltd., Oxford, 5186-5189. ISBN: 0-08-0431526
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  4. Lee, AP; Webb, J; Macey, DJ; van Bronswijk, W; Savarese, A; De Witt C (1998) In situ Raman spectroscopic studies of the teeth of the chiton Acanthopleura hirtosa J Biol Inorg.Chem. 3 614-619.
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  19. Liddiard, KJ; Hockridge, J; Macey, DJ; Webb, J; van Bronswijk, W (in press) Mineralization in the teeth of the limpets Patella laticostata and Scutellastra alticostata (Mollusca : Patellogastropoda). Molluscan Research


light microscopes for the preparation of materials , Philips XL 20 Scanning Electron Microscope and related EDS facilitates, Philips CM 100 Bio and related EDS facilities

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