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Dr Phil Hendry

BSc(Hons), PhD(ANU)

Position: Principal Research Scientist

Affiliation: CSIRO Molecular Science

Postal Address:
CSIRO Molecular Science
PO box 184, North Ryde NSW 1670

Phone: +61 (2) 9490 5099
Fax: +61 (2) 9490 5005

Research Profile

Philip Hendry's early education was in the Northern Territory. He graduated from James Cook University of North Queensland with Honours in Chemistry and Biochemistry in 1981. Following a short stint with Queensland Nickel at Yabulu, he studied under Professor Alan Sargeson at the Research School of Chemistry, ANU. His Ph.D. (awarded in 1986) was on work relating to model complexes for metaloenzymes involved in phosphate metabolism. This was followed by a post-doc appointment at the University of Berne in Switzerland where he studied the effects of ligand-induced strain on the electronic properties of metal complexes. Returning to the ANU, he worked with Dr. Nick Dixon on some of the proteins involved in DNA replication in E. coli. The biological focus continued with an appointment at the CSIRO Division of Biomolecular Engineering (now Molecular Science) at North Ryde in 1990. Since that time, he has worked on various aspects of the chemistry and molecular biology of hammerhead ribozymes (Gene Shears technology). Phil has been an Editorial Board Member of the Journal Nucleic Acids Research since 1997.