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Dr Ben Hankamer

Affiliation: Institute for Molecular Bioscience, University of Queensland

Postal Address:
Queensland Bioscience Precinct
306 Carmody Rd
The University of Queensland

Phone: +61 (07) 3346 2100
Fax: +61 (07) 3346 2101

Research Profile

Our group is focused on developing a broad based platform for the structure determination of membrane proteins and macromolecular assemblies, based upon single particle analysis, electron and X-ray crystallography.

A strong research focus of the group is on automation to increase the rate of protein structure determination. A selection of proteins involved in a range of important biological processes and biotechnology applications (eg. Biohydrogen) are currently being investigated as part of the IMB's Visual Cell program.

Structural Biology

  • Single Particle analysis
    Single particle analysis (SPA), when coupled with electron cryo-microscopy, is ideally suited for the structure determination of large membrane proteins and macromolecular assemblies.In essence, SPA is the process of determining 3D reconstructions of macromolecules from their constituent 2D projection images captured by electron cryo-microscopy.
  • Electron Crystallography
    Electron crystallography requires the use of 2D crystals. These are particularly well suited for membrane protein structure determination as the crystallized proteins are arrayed within a near native lipid bilayer.
    The 2D crystals are imaged over a range of tilt angles and the processed images merged to facilitate 3D image reconstruction. New processes of monolayer and bilayer crystallogenesis methods are being developed to facilitate template mediated crystal production.
  • Cubic Phase crystallization
    The use of cubic phase lipids for the purpose of membrane protein crystallization is also being explored. Cubic phase lipid structures are highly ordered, contorted bilayers, which are continuous and organized in 3D space.
    Membrane proteins can be inserted into these cubic phase lipid matrices and induced to form highly ordered three-dimensional crystals well suited for high resolution X-ray crystallographic analysis. The method can be thought of as a hybrid between 2D bilayer and 3D crystal production.

Biology and Biotechnology

  • Bio-Hydrogen
    The development of a clean, sustainable and economically viable energy supply for the future is one of the most urgent challenges of our generation, given that oil production is estimated to peak in 5-33 years time.
    There is now a concerted international effort to switch from a fossil fuel to a hydrogen economy. We are exploring the use of a green algal system that uses solar energy to split water (H2O) into hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2), for large scale H2 production. Subsequent combustion of H2 yields only H2O eliminating both net H2O use and the production of harmful greenhouse gases, associated with the burning of fossil fuels.
    The identification of marine algae capable of producing H2 has the added benefit that H2 production could be coupled with H2O purification, as the product of H2 combustion is pure H2O.

Selected Publications

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