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Professor Ken Collerson

BSc(Hons), PhD(UNE)

Position: Professor of Earth Sciences and Director Advanced Centre for Queensland University Isotope Research (ACQUIRE)

Affiliation: University of Queensland

Postal Address:
Richards Building
University of Queensland
Brisbane Q 4072

Phone: +61 (07) 3365 8505

Research Profile

Principal research interests:

  • Character and evolution of the mantle transition zone.
  • Isotope and geochemical constraints on genesis of kimberlites and lamproites and their relationship to plume magmatism.
  • Early evolution of the Earth – the search for Hadean crust.
  • Evolution of the continental lithosphere, growth of the atmo-hydrosphere, source of ocean island basalts and the formation of komatiites.
  • U-series geochronology of carbonates and igneous rocks.
  • Measurement of extinct nuclides to constrain core formation and mantle fractionation processes during the first 400 Ma of Earth history.
  • Evolution of Precambrian lithosphere.
  • Sr-Nd-Pb-U-series isotope and trace element geochemical constraints on island arc magmatism.
  • Evolution of Permian to Recent seawater using Sr isotopic compositions of carbonates and anhydrite as proxies.
  • Radiogenic isotopes and trace element geochemistry of groundwater.
  • Low blank trace metal and isotope analysis in health, toxicological, forensic and environmental research

Selected Publications

More than 220 publications (papers and conference presentations): including 5 in Nature articles and 3 in Science.

Publications 1995 to 2003

    Book Chapters
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